Wolf Thinking

       Welcome to Wolf Thinking. Here I write intresting facts about wolves that can be used in your projects. These facts are not main things about wolves. Just the side stuff.                                         

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Fact: Pups know there position in the litter when they are about 5 weeks old.

 Fact: The most common wolf is the gray wolf.

 Fact: There are 9 different types of wolves.

 Fact: The alpha female is the only one in the pack who is alowed to have pups. The rest of the pack has to help take care of the pups, bring them food and protect the pups from predators.

Fact: Wolves mark their territories by peeing. Their pee has a very strong scent, that warns other wolves not to enter.

 Fact: Wolves always try to hunt the weakest animal in a herd.

 Fact: Wolves have dewclaws just like dogs do.

 Fact: A wolf can bark just like a dog.

Fact: Wolves are decreasing because they are losing there habitats.

 Fact: Red wolves live in the southeastern United States.

Fact: Wolves don't howl at the moon.   


Fact: A wolves' scientific name is Canis Lupus, and its family is Canidae.

Fact: A wolves den is located in the middle of the territory, so it will be farther from predators and safer for the pups.

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